botinfo Get information about the bot
catch Catch a Pokémon
help Get help (for a command)
hint Get a hint for the Pokémon name
invite Get our invite links
profile Check your profile card
release Release a Pokémon
select Select a Pokémon
start Pick a starter


dex Check pokedex information for a Pokémon
info Get info about a Pokémon
nickname Give a Pokémon a nickname
pokedex View the pokedex and gain credits for catching new species of Pokémon
pokemon Check all your Pokémon


balance Check your balance
buy Buy stones, bracelets, forms & rare candies for your Pokémon
daily Get a certain amount of credits daily
donate Donate and get redeems
favorite Mark / unmark your pokemon as favorite
gamble Gamble your credits with other players!
hunt Go hunting & encounter a random pokemon!
leaderboard Check the leaderboard!
Complete quests to get rewards!
redeem See how much redeems you have
redeemcredits Redeem 15,000 credits for 1 redeem
redeemspawn Spawn a Pokémon for 1 redeem
shop View the items you can buy from the shop


market View/Manage/Buy/Find Markets!
market search Search for a pokemon on the market!
market list Add a pokemon to the market!
market listings View all the market listings!
market buy Buy a market pokemon!
market view View a market pokemon!
market end Remove a pokemon from the market!


auction View/Manage/Buy/Find Auctions!
auction search Search for a pokemon on the auction!
auction list Add a pokemon to the auction!
auction listings View all the auction listings!
auction buy Buy a auction pokemon!
auction view View a auction pokemon!
auction end Remove a pokemon from the auction!


redirect Redirect all Pokémon spaws to 1 channel
setprefix Set a custom prefix
settings Check your settings